Communist motion gets centre-right support as Faro council votes against Ria Formosa demolitions

Ria Formosa islanders are up against a new demolitions deadline, and this time it is not just Olhão council that is right behind them, but Faro too.

The centre-right council voted in favour of a CDU (communist) motion on Monday, dubbed: “Ria Formosa: demolitions no, requalification yes”.

It was just another message to the Socialist government that local politicians are not prepared to simply roll over and accept central dogma – particularly after all the grandiose words last year, regarding a different approach (click here).

With five votes to four (all PS), the council is demanding an end to the “nightmare of demolitions” and the beginning of what it terms the “requalification process” of urban nuclei and beach areas.

It remains to be seen if this changes anything.

Certainly, islanders are ready for the new round in this ‘war’, calling all supporters to the aid of Farol nucleus next week (Wednesday) to repel the seizure of the first of 60 homes on Culatra island destined for demolition.

Environment minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes continues to insist that every three years, the government will reassess the need for demolitions, suggesting many more properties are destined for the wrecking ball.

For more details of the protest planned for next Wednesday, see SOS Ria Formosa’s ‘event’ on their Facebook page.

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