Commentator laments political parties ‘haven’t published their electoral programmes’

SIC Notícias political commentator Luís Delgado has stated the obvious today, stressing the televised debates that have begun between party leaders would be so much better if they had all published their electoral programmes. Then there would be ‘substance’ to discuss, rather than simply gratuitous insults to exchange, which is what seems to be happening this far. As he said: “A debate is not gunfighters’ duel. Electoral debates about understanding the positions that each person is going to take to the voters – and of course talking about something they don’t agree with”. So far, the nation has got much of the latter, and very little of the former. One GOOD aspect is that PS leader Pedro Nuno Santos has told CMTV much of what he wants: pensions are set to increase; tolls on former SCUT highways (including Algarve’s A22) are to be scrapped; teachers are to receive their six years, six months and 23 days effectively ‘stolen’ from their careers; rent increases are to be pegged at 2%, and assessed according to the salary of tenants; hospitals are to be given greater autonomy to manage themselves; IRC (company tax) is not going down.