Commandos in hot water… for 'bathing’ in cooking pots
This particular shot seems to show two of the young men also wearing culinders on their heads

Commandos in hot water… for ‘bathing’ in cooking pots

Army does not see the funny side

Six boisterous Commandos are to be disciplined for their posting of less than politically correct photographs that showed them stuffed, both naked and fully clothed, into large army cooking pots.

The whole stunt was clearly just meant to be a bit of fun. But army bosses have certainly not seen it as such.

An announcement yesterday says disciplinary proceedings have been opened against six soldiers “following the videos that circulated over social media showing elements of the Commando Regiment taking a bath in large pots used to confection meals”.

According to the announcement, disciplinary proceedings were “immediately opened against the three young men in the videos” but as a result of these proceedings “fruit of the inquiry of witnesses, and CCTV analysis, two other processes were immediately opened, which are currently in the pre-trial phase”.

These new processes already have three soldiers cited as defendants “also directly or indirectly involved in the situations that came to public notice”.

The army’s announcement adds that it “vehemently repudiates acts of this nature” which it explains show “disrespect for military duties” and which in this case “affect discipline, the image and the honour of the Military Institution”.

President Marcelo, as head of the country’s armed forces, has also taken a stand over these antics, saying at a ceremony this week that soldiers should have “sensibility for internal gestures” which affect the external prestige of the service.

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