Come on in, the water’s fine … and there’s gold in it too!

The Rhinedaughters have gold in their river. And when Alberich the dwarf finds he cannot get his hands on a beautiful Rhinedaughter, he steals the gold instead – but the gold has a curse on it!

However, this doesn’t stop Wotan and Loki from stealing the gold from Alberich in order to pay the Giant brothers. And then one giant kills his brother to get the gold – and so it goes on – something like a Brazilian soap opera but a great deal funnier and with popular songs from the 1920s instead of Wagner’s endless score.

For this is Bi-Cycle, the spoof created by Aperitivo theatre group on about half of the theme of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

With an overflowing cast of Gods, Rhinedaughters, Giants, Valkyries, Dwarves, a Hero and a Dragon – plus songs you can sing along to – Aperitivo’s Bi-Cycle is just the thing to brighten up a February evening.
A three-course dinner will be served to those who enjoy a fully-rounded event. The dinner begins at 7pm and the theatre starts at 8.30.

February 13/14: Museum, São Brás
February 19/20: Clube de Tavira, Tavira
February 21: Casa do Povo, Moncarapacho

Tickets cost €8 without dinner and €18 with dinner

To reserve seats and dinner, email [email protected]

Photo: Rhinedaughters Els Dietz, Sandra Koch, Sally Ricciardi; Alberich is played by Brian Clark