Comandos course ‘interrupted’ after sick recruit receives liver transplant

Commandos course ‘interrupted’ after sick recruit receives liver transplant

President Marcelo accompanying young man’s state of health

The President of the Republic is being kept abreast of developments after the latest upset involving young recruits on a Commando training course saw the worst affected soldier undergo a liver transplant in the early hours of this morning.

The story – mirroring horrors of the past – has caused the head of the Armed Forces to order the interruption of the 138th training course until “details have been established” over what happened to cause two young men to become so unwell they had to be hospitalised.

As has already been established, one of the soldiers has made a recovery sufficient to see him released from hospital. His colleague remains interned in intensive care at Lisbon’s Curry Cabral hospital.

The fact that the young man has already received a liver transplant suggests authorities are taking no chances. A recent story involving recruits collapsing during one of these training courses saw both men dying and the heartbroken families pursuing ‘justice’ through the courts.

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