Coma hero wakes up and leaves hospital

Great news of the French tourist who swam to the aid of a child in difficulties in Ovar, and ended up almost drowning himself.

Fréderic Yard, 38, is reported to have made a full recovery after being in a coma in Lisbon’s Santa Maria hospital for three days.

At the time of his admission, his condition was said to be “serious”.

Yard was reported to have been underwater for “around 10 minutes”.

He had been trying to reach a child in difficulties caught up in a current on the beach of Cortegaça.

Lifeguards, helped by a surfer, ended up having to rescue both of them – with the child emerging unscathed.

Says Correio da Manhã, Yard woke up and left Santa Maria hospital after signing a ‘term of responsibility’.

It is not known if he continued with his holiday, or returned home to France.

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