Colourful run

‘Mundialito Color’, billed as the most entertaining five kilometres on the planet, is coming to Vila Real de Santo António tomorrow (Saturday).

This will be the first time that this type of ‘fun run’ is staged in the south of the country. Literally open to all ages from nought to 99, individuals, families or groups, athletic or not, participants are invited to cover the five kilometres of countryside between Monte Gordo and Vila Real de Santo António running, walking or at a leisurely stroll.

There are no stop watches or mad dashes to the front because the winners are those who have had the most fun by the time the finishing line – by the old customs dock on the Guadiana river – is crossed.

Right from its scheduled 7.30pm start, in front of the casino on Monte Gordo beach, the course is dotted with entertainment such as live concerts and open air discos as well as harmless flour-based paint dispensers which revellers are invited to make liberal use of turning the event into a colourful procession.

The €10 entry fee – discounts for groups of four or more – includes a white t-shirt and a bag of paint as well as participation in a prize draw with a new Citroën C1 as its main attraction. Registration is open until Saturday evening and can be made at local sales points or by visiting www.mundialito