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Colonic hydrotherapy detox


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LOOKING FOR something new to spice up your detoxing regime? Look no further.

As 2008 gets underway and it is not yet summer, you may be tempted to reach for the cigarette box, the wine, maybe even a new dress or two. But if the New Year is getting you down and your resolve to get fit, healthy and beautiful is slipping, try something different to keep you motivated.

Colonic hydrotherapy doesn’t sound instantly appealing. The name itself is enough to make you opt for a more sedate manicure.

However, the benefits definitely outweigh any embarrassment you’ll feel as your therapist says: “I’ll just warm this tube up for you”.

Basically, colonic hydrotherapy removes waste and toxins from your bowel and colon.

All the rubbish that’s accumulated in your gut over the years will be cleared out like an old drain.

The problems created by built-up food and faeces are obvious; bloating, flatulence, fatigue and constipation are just a few.

But colonic hydrotherapy is also thought to help with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

Not only that but many believe it’s a great tool for weight loss and it’s true that afterwards your tummy looks flatter and you feel that little bit lighter.

The process isn’t the most comfortable of treatments but it’s far from painful.

You lie on your side and warm water is passed through your bowel through a tube inserted in your rectum but after five minutes of chatter with a friendly therapist you’ll forget the whole thing is going on.

The highlight for me was seeing exactly what gets cleared out. It will make you wonder how you ever functioned with such a lot of stuff weighing you down.

It might even inspire you to give other things a clear out too; your wardrobe, your desk, even your mind.

The whole thing takes under an hour and can be fitted in to your lunch break so a lack of time is no excuse. Always remember to check your therapist is qualified though.

Afterwards you will have the option to take some probiotics to give your brand spanking new colon a bit of defence from the food you’ll put into it in the future.

Opinion differs on whether these probiotics are beneficial but the best advice I can give is just to make sure the things you put in your body don’t resemble what has just been cleared out!

In the midst of visiting the gym, eating more healthily and detoxing your body, colonic hydrotherapy might be just the thing you need to boost your motivation and drive.

You’ll feel cleansed, energised and as if you’ve been handed a clean slate.

So don’t worry if you crumbled and had a burger or two last week. Try colonic hydrotherapy and it’ll be like starting 2008 all over again.