Collapse of BES “so complicated” secrecy of justice rule to stay in place till September 2018

Anyone expecting a BES court case in the horizon any day soon had better think again.

Despite the fact that former BES “boss-of-all-this” Ricardo Salgado is now an official suspect (arguido) in three separate corruption investigations (click here), the case centering on his role at BES and the fall of the Espírito Santo universe is of such complexity that Portugal’s strict ‘secrecy of justice’ ruling will remain in place until September 2018.

SIC television broke the news this afternoon, saying the decision has been made by ‘superjudge’ Carlos Alexandre – the head of Lisbon’s court of criminal instruction (TIC) – who is currently overseeing myriad high-profile corruption investigations involving a Who’s Who of public names and VIPs.

According to SIC, the investigative team “which is in collaboration with entities in Switzerland and Luxembourg” have said they need more time.

The case is being coordinated by transfrontier criminal justice body Eurojust, adds the television station

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Photo: Carlos Alexandre who says he does not like the nickname ‘superjudge’, during an interview with SIC TV last year