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Cold snap hits Portugal, but nothing like rest of Europe

Temperatures in Portugal have started to fall rapidly though the country continues to dodge the worst of Europe’s big chill, reportedly responsible for over 60 deaths since last weekend.

Forcasters predict “sub-zero” temperatures for many central and northern areas of Portugal over the weekend, with the Algarve is set to see temperatures fall to around 6ºC.

The tendency is for the weather to get even colder until late next week, says IPMA, the national sea and atmosphere institute.

Portugal’s health authority (DGS) recommends extra caution among the elderly, with everyone advised to keep homes warm and stay in contact with family members and neighbours.

Meantime, the freeze affecting other parts of Europe appears relentless.

UNHCR, the refugee agency for the United Nations, has warned that refugees and migrants are dying in Europe and governments must “do more to help them rather than pushing them back from borders and subjecting them to violence”.

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