Coimbra’s Euromillionaires to launch social programme and create employment

A Coimbra husband and wife who have just won a staggering €163 million jackpot say they want to launch a social programme and create employment.

The winning pair, who has asked not to be named, are both parents and grandparents.

One of their daughters has spoken with national tabloid Correio da Manhã, outlining her parents’ ambitions.

How much of the money the family chooses to donate has not yet been stipulated, but the winners are described as being so overwhelmed they have not yet managed to sleep.

The prize was revealed over the weekend, and is the second highest jackpot ever to be won in Portugal.

The highest, won in Castelo Branco last year, came out at €190 million.

Meantime, the latest winners have still to claim their prize from Tabacaria Amarelinha, in Eiras.

CM explains 2015 has been a bumper year for the Euromillions lottery in Portugal, with over €318 million won.

This latest draw saw the third prize of €118,000 also go to a punter in Portugal.

According to CM, the State stands to make over €33 million from the latest draw, as all lottery winners are taxed on their prizes at the rate of 20%.

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