“Codfish king” under house arrest after police bust prostitution ring

For more than a year, two apartments in the centre of Paredes (near Porto) were used as the base of a prostitution ring headed by a fish salesman known as the “Codfish king”.
According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, “sometimes people living in the six-storey apartment block saw women walking naked through the corridors”.
Not any more, though. SEF, the immigration and border control authority, has swooped into the picture, shutting down both apartments and detaining the alleged leader of the prostitution ring.
According to CM, the 45-year-old fish salesman is also suspected of immigration transgressions.
For now, he is under house arrest, says the paper.
As to his codfish and the five women – “most of them Brazilian” – involved in the ring, there is no mention.
The case will eventually be heard in the Tribunal de Paredes.