Cocaine discovery in woman’s knickers and vagina in Lisbon airport

Was it the way she walked? Did she appear uncomfortable? We may never know, but eagle-eyed customs officials at Lisbon’s Portela airport knew something was up and soon discovered almost 5000 doses of cocaine hidden away in a Venezuelan passenger’s underwear and vagina.

According to a source from the PSP, the 25-year-old drugs mule was found to have mini-balloons of the drug packed in her bra and two pairs of knickers – one worn over the other – before the discovery of the additional haul in her vagina.
This only came to light after the woman was referred to hospital for x-ray.

In addition to the cocaine, police impounded two mobile phones and around €1800 in Venezuelan bolivars.

The young Venzuelan had arrived in Lisbon from São Paulo on Tuesday, and was en-route for a connecting flight to Marrakesh.

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