Coastal path closed

Dear Editor,
Just south of Praia Dona Ana in Lagos a tract of coastal land has just been enclosed by a high fence. Many tourists and local residents have enjoyed walking from Praia Dona Ana to Praia do Camilo along the cliff-tops to visit Restaurante Camilo or carry on along the cliffs to Ponta da Piedade.

Now the section of this “Caminho Litoral” from Praia Dona Ana to Praia do Camilo is fenced off with padlocked gates. The land was recently sold and the new owners seem to be declaring that the public may no longer enjoy the beautiful views (some of the best in Portugal) that they have done until now.

My wife and I have stayed at Dona Ana Garden from January to March for the last six years. If I cannot take a stroll on these cliff-tops without trespassing, then we will not return next year.
Ray and Faye Achurch
By email

Editor’s note: Dear Mr and Mrs Achurch, thank you for your email. We contacted Lagos council about the mentioned situation. We will transcribe what they have said about this case:
“In terms of the property, we clarify that on February 24 the firm EP-Construções, SA informed Lagos council that it no longer owned the enclosed property, and that the new owner was the firm Sociedade Sucesso Irrecusável Lda. There is currently no project approved or considered for the mentioned land.”

When asked whether or not the council believes that closing off access to the land could affect the municipality’s tourism sector, the council said:

“A request to enclose the property was presented by EP-Construções, SA on December 19. Due to its location, the entities that oversee the land – namely the CCDR-Algarve and the Portuguese Environmental Agency and Regional Hydrographic Administration (ARH) – were asked to report on the request. The final decision from ARH about the request has not yet been received.

“No matter what decision is made, as well as the undeniable scenic beauty of the land, it would naturally be disproportionate to consider that it could affect the municipality’s tourism, as it is not based on just some properties or lands. However, we are committed to solving this situation.”