Coastal fishing alert sounded for Costa Vicentina

Maritime police are on a mission to stress the dangers of coastal fishing along the Algarve’s wild west coast, better known as Costa Vicentina.

This year seven fishermen have fallen from rocks on which they have been fishing into the waters – one of them drowning as a result.

The problem is that the use of rocky outcrops and cliffs favoured by ‘hobby fishermen’ require a great deal of knowledge and expertise – and even then things can go tragically wrong.

Lagos’ maritime police are planning an ‘awareness campaign’ from now until the end of the year, particularly aimed at encouraging fishermen to take ‘adequate precautions that could contribute to the minimising of accidents’.

Advice ranges from basic rules (‘never turn your back on the sea’ or fish in areas where access is difficult after dark) to wearing a lifejacket and ‘the right kind of footwear’.

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