CNN says Porto is “cooler” than Lisbon

American news giant CNN has described Portugal’s second-city Porto as “cooler” than Lisbon.

The bold statement comes in an article written by Paul Ames and published last week in the travel section of the news service’s website.

It is even more remarkable considering than CNN said in April that “Lisbon might be Europe’s coolest city”

“With its old riverside centre designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its chefs picking up a growing constellation of Michelin stars, as well as its world-beating wines and vast stretches of sandy shore on its doorstep, Porto certainly has a lot to offer, but can it really challenge Lisbon as Europe’s capital of cool?”

Ames believes so, and lists eight reasons why Porto tops Lisbon on the ‘cool-meter’, highlighting the friendliness of its people, beauty of its river, historic centre, beaches, nightlife, Port wine, views and old cafés.

“Lisbon has established itself as Europe’s hippest city-trip destination over the past couple of years, but now it has a rival that’s a little too close for comfort.

“Portugal’s second-city, Porto, is giving the capital a run for its money as the place to go for a unique blend of history, balmy weather, culture, cooking and nightlife.”

Ames’ text can be found at http://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/porto-vs-lisbon-portugal

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