CNN lists 19 reasons to visit Madeira

American news giant CNN has listed 19 reasons to visit Madeira, the “island of eternal springtime”.

In an online article, the Portuguese archipelago is praised for everything from its “natural beauty” to “local cuisine, unique wines and year-long spring climate”.

Written by freelance journalist Paul Ames, the article recommends “hiking through the Laurisilva forest, visiting farmers’ markets, and soaking up the rays at Porto Santo’s beaches”.

Other ‘musts’ when in Madeira include a visit to Pico do Arieiro, the archipelago’s third highest peak, the tradition of “careering downhill in a basket”, and visiting Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous museum.

Ames also shines the spotlight on local gastronomy, with a focus on meat ‘espetadas’, the traditional bolo do caco bread, and Madeira wines made from single grape varieties like the “dryer Sercials and Verdelhos” to the “rich Buals and Malmseys”.

The full article can be found here (click here).

Madeira is no stranger to international praise.

Last March, American newspaper The Wall Street Journal released an article entitled ‘Madeira: the historic Portuguese wine that is hip again” (click here).

A month later, the visitors of travel website Tripadvisor considered Madeira one of the “10 best islands in the world”. ((click here)

And this week, it appears to have been visited by the Hand of God (click here).