Clothing for children in need

Needles, thread and lots of love are the ‘ingredients’ used by the volunteers of the Bebés com Agulha e Linha project, which makes clothing for underprivileged children from nought to 10-years-old. All clothes made are given to institutions and individuals known to be in need, as indicated by Oeiras Câmara.

The project was set-up by Maria do Pilar Fernandes, who enjoyed making baby clothes as a hobby and then began donating the clothes she had made to charitable organisations. Maria later decided to get together with a group of ladies, who founded the Bebés com Agulha e Linha project. Oeiras Câmara is giving its full support to the project and has provided a small building to be used by the team, who now create thousands of pieces of clothing for needy youngsters.

The câmara has formed links with various institutions in the borough in order to identify who should benefit from this charitable work, and it also helps to source more volunteers to join the project.

So far, hundreds of sets of clothing have been offered to institutions such as Maternidade Alfredo da Costa, Hospital de São Francisco Xavier, Associação para a Integração Familiar e Social de Pessoas com Deficiência Mental – Casa (association for family and social integration of the mentally handicapped), Comissão de Protecção de Crianças e Jovens de Oeiras (Oeiras commission for the protection of children), Associação Os Francisquinhos and the Associação Ajuda de Mãe.

However, despite the success of the project to date, additional help would be very welcome. More people with sewing skills are needed, as well as material, wool, cotton thread, needles and sewing machines, among other items.

If you would like to support this project, call the Divisão de Assuntos Sociais da Câmara Municipal de Oeiras on 214 408 507.