Closure of beaches in Lagos municipality

Dear Editor,

I have written to ask the Lagos Câmara why they have taken this decision but have had no reply. The Maritime Police have been patrolling Meia Praia and telling people off for walking along it.

When asked where they recommend people exercise, they say in the town. Meia Praia seems like an ideal place to exercise; even at high tide there is a wide expanse of beach and it is easy to avoid other people.

Now I read that there have been no known outbreaks of Covid-19 linked to people gathering on beaches anywhere in the world.

There is no better place for exercising especially as there are hardly any people around anyway. Now that it seems that even if it were crowded it would be safe, I think it is time this ridiculous rule is chucked out.

After also reading of the Maritime Police ramming a rowing boat with someone in it in Lagos, as well as trying to disperse surfers at Praia da Luz, it seems they are getting rather overzealous and need to be told to leave people alone. The council could help by opening the beaches again.

Miss S Wilkinson