Close to 40 thousand trees planted in Loulé in 2023

Close to 40 thousand trees planted in Loulé in 2023

Organised by the Municipality, the year-long planting initiative programme saved 300 tons of CO2.

Investing in afforestation to promote the decarbonisation of the territory and contributing towards the planet’s sustainability continued to be the focus in Loulé in 2023. According to the data released by the City Council, almost 40 thousand trees were planted in the Municipality last year.

“The species planted are mainly indigenous species, better adapted to the climatic conditions and, as such, don’t need much water, which is a relevant fact for the sustainability of the territory”, highlighted the Municipality.

Close to 40 thousand trees planted in Loulé in 2023

Throughout the year, the planting initiatives were carried out as part of various projects promoted by the Municipality, such as celebrating special dates, European-funded projects and more. “Not only did they involve the Municipality itself, parish councils, municipal companies, and schools, but also – and above all – the citizens”, said the governing body.

These included the “Combating desertification – Ameixial” initiative, in which an area of 147 hectares was reforested in the parish of Ameixial with more than 25,100 trees, including cork oaks, holm oaks and strawberry trees, as well as carob and fig trees.

In celebration of International Forest Day and Autochthonous Forest Day, and other themed days, the Municipality offered the population 2500 trees to engage the community in making the Municipality of Loulé greener.

The “A Tree Gives Life” campaign enabled citizens and organisations to plant 11,442 trees, including carob, olive, oaks, cork, or strawberry trees, which they could plant on their land, gardens or backyards.

Close to 40 thousand trees planted in Loulé in 2023.2

The Municipality also highlighted that, at the beginning of last year, “MEP Francisco Guerreiro took the initiative to plant 170 trees in Alte to offset the ecological footprint of the flights he takes between Portugal and European institutions. An initiative that received, from the outset, the support of the Municipality”.

Finally, as part of the projects, some arteries in urban areas were planted with more than 494 trees, “bringing a little greenery to public spaces outside rural areas”.

These actions totalled a saving of 300 tons of CO2 in a year, contributed to combating desertification in the territory and promoted its resilience in the face of risk.

Reforestation is one of the measures included in Loulé’s PMAC (Municipal Climate Action Plan), the first in the country to be approved, designed to promote a more resilient territory.