Clocks forwards, weather backwards

As the clocks went forwards to welcome the spring, the weather took a decidedly backwards step with the whole country and islands on yellow alert due to rain, wind, snow and high seas.
According to IPMA (the sea and atmosphere authority), waves along both coastlines are expected to reach anything from 4 to 4.5 metres and 18 separate districts are expected to be affected by high winds, with gusts of up to 80kph.
As reduced temperatures saw us all rummaging back into the sock drawer, IPMA predicts snow in the Guarda region and along the high points of Serra de Estrela.
Madeira too is being affected, with the prospect of heavy rain and thunder, while the Azores is expecting high winds and generally bad weather.
Hopes are for a general lightening up by Thursday, although country folk are saying the really good weather will only return in May.