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Clinical director of Algarve Hospital Centre resigns

Resigning clinical director cites divergences with CHUA’s administration board president 

Horácio Guerreiro, the clinical director of the Algarve University Hospital Centre (CHUA), has resigned.

His decision was made official in a letter sent to the Minister of Health at the end of June, although it has only been reported today.

The resignation is being attributed to disagreements over the management of health services at the hospitals in Faro and Portimão, particularly their maternity units.

We have difficulties because we have two maternity wards, two A&E departments, and therefore, we need to sacrifice one of the sectors,” said the resigning clinical director, adding that there are differences between his solutions to these issues and those of the president of CHUA’s administration board, Ana Varges Gomes.

“As a result, I ended up without the capacity to intervene, to move forward, to build solutions,” said Guerreiro.

In his opinion, Portimão’s maternity ward should close on some weekends to ensure that the unit in Faro – which he says is much busier – is always open. He also warns that the solution advocated by the board of directors will alternately harm one hospital in favour of the other.

“For example, either the maternity ward in Portimão is left uncovered, which is not the case because it is assured, but the maternity ward in Faro may be left uncovered. The maternity ward in Faro has much more activity than in Portimão – at least twice the activity – and on the other hand, the pediatric intensive care units are in Faro,” he told Renascença radio.

Horácio Guerreiro has also clarified that his differences are with the president of CHUA’s administration board and does not hold the executive director of the National Health Service (SNS) responsible.

“I have not received any instruction or indication from the executive director of the SNS. Contrary to what has been said, I have no disagreement. I am actually very supportive of the mission that he is carrying out, which is difficult, as we all know.”

The term of the board of directors ended on December 19, 2022, but its members remain in office until new members are appointed by the Ministry of Health.

This is the latest in a series of clinical director resignations that have taken place across the country in the last year, affecting hospitals everywhere from Lisbon and Santarém to the Azores.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]