Clinical analysis laboratory opens in Quarteira

Last month, the Joaquim Chaves group opened their first Algarve-located laboratory in Quarteira.

The clinic, which is the largest private provider of radiotherapy in Portugal, is now open to serve the public.

“This is a modern facility, which brings to the Algarve over 50 years of experience in clinical analysis,” a clinic spokesman said. They continued by stating that the group is “the largest operator in this industry across the region”.

“With our strong investment in responsiveness, quality, accuracy and speed of results, we are a strong asset to the Algarve,” the spokesman asserted.

The Joaquim Chaves group specialises in medical areas including clinical analysis, diagnosis by image, nuclear medicine and oncology treatments.

Currently, the company has oncology units in Lisbon, Santarém, Porto, Funchal and now the Algarve, all of which are equipped with the latest technology.

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