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Cliffs and crime

Dear Editor,

We are constantly being reminded about the need for tourists to be aware of the potential dangers of sitting under dangerous rocks and cliffs on the Algarve’s beautiful beaches.

Being a UK citizen I thought it may be of interest to point out that in the UK if there is a dangerous cliff or area, the public are actually physically prohibited from going or being there.

Barriers are erected with large red signs reading Public Access Denied or Prohibited. Whether the Portuguese authorities believe this is a little over-the-top or not, it is an explanation as to why some visitors appear to be ‘ignoring’ warning notices.

They may just not realise that the danger is that serious if the ‘space’ is visibly accessible.

On the issue of the seemingly increasing violent assaults in the Algarve, and especially in areas such as Albufeira and Vilamoura, where there are many late-night bars, it would seem a sensible course of action for late-night revellers to make sure they are never returning alone.

But at the same time the police should be monitoring these areas, especially at night, in order to gain information about suspicious groups who are regularly present and perhaps they could then find reason to move them on, or to escort them to their accommodation.

Having seen a group of pick-pockets at work on the trams in Lisbon, they really are so conspicuous it is hard to understand why they cannot be monitored in order to ‘catch them in the act’ so to speak.