Francisco George, Portugal's former director of health and current president of the Cruz Vermelha is leaving the institution after just one mandate - again an unusual situation in itself

Cliffhanger vote today at Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross)

Today isn’t just the day the country hears whether or not it will be plunged into an early election campaign, it is the date the Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross) is due to vote for its new leader – and for the first time in history, the government’s ‘choice’ is under threat. Explains Expresso, the government has put forwards former health minister Ana Jorge, but seven out of 40 members on the ‘supreme council’ of the humanitarian NGO do not agree , and have advised the government they will be voting against. If this happens, ‘deadlock’ will require further meetings, says the paper which admits this lack of consensus is ‘surprising’ members of the institution.