Clearly fragile Ricardo Salgado arrives in court over EDP corruption case

Clearly fragile Ricardo Salgado arrives in court over EDP corruption case

Former “boss of all this” at BES says very little

A clearly fragile Ricardo Salgado, the former BES banking chief cited for dozens of crimes in various cases of corruption, arrived in court in Lisbon this morning, ostensibly to answer questions in the ongoing EDP case.

He was taking very small steps, holding his wife’s hand and in the company of lawyers who said they would only be making statements “at the end”.

Mr Salgado’s defence team has been arguing that their client is in no physical or mental state to be tried, as he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

As it is, his presence served only for him to be ‘identified’. He was not put through the ordeal of questions as when judges asked him if he knew why he was there, he said that he wasn’t sure.

“My client often doesn’t know what day it is, he doesn’t know where he is, he gets lost at home. He often doesn’t know the names of close family members, so, of course, it’s not just in defence of his human dignity, it’s in defence of his history and in defence of the dignity of Portuguese justice” that he should not be questioned, lawyer Francisco Proença de Carvalho told reporters clamouring outside the courtroom as the group made its exit.

According to Proença de Carvalho , the only reason Ricardo Salgado appeared in court today was “because he was summoned and because we brought him, because the truth is that he didn’t even know what he was coming for”.

In this particular case, Ricardo Salgado has been cited for one crime of active corruption for an illegal act, another crime of active corruption and a third crime of money laundering.

Elsewhere, he has been charged for a number of other crimes of active corruption/ fraud and money-laundering.

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