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Clear H2O is chemical free

AMERICAN BRAND Clear Water arrived in the Algarve just two years ago with Clear H2O, a company created by Portuguese national Daniel Veterano. In a region where water is used for so many and different purposes, from domestic use to swimming pools and irrigation, its quality is definitely a must.

The ionization system developed by NASA and used by Clear Water uses silver and copper to filter the water in a way that allows chemicals to be 100 per cent excluded. The advantages of this system are that one can have crystal clear water and good health at same time.

First used at the Apollo spacecraft for purification of the water astronauts were using, the ionization system was later adapted for domestic use in swimming pools, ponds and fountains, and still is one of the most successful systems in the world.

Environmentally friendly, the system used by Clear Water is also more adequate for health reasons; hence it prevents problems like dry skin, brittle and bleached hair and sore eyes for swimming pools users.

The ionization also allows bigger savings in the electricity bill, but the biggest saving is naturally in the chemical products for treating the water that users stop buying.

In the Algarve, Clear H2O is presently supplying not only domestic consumers, but also hospitals and hotels, the latter being a growing market as conventional swimming pool treatments are being replaced by the Clear Water system.

Marine aquariums and agricultural irrigation systems are also among the new clients of Clear H2O, with more and more advantages being pointed to this chemical free system.

The company also provides all sorts of products for swimming pools and water filtering, except, obviously, chemical products!

Clear H2O is based in Armação de Pêra, at Sítio da Torre, Lote 26-A. To contact them, please call

967 713 821.

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