Clear, expert legal advice

When it comes to legal matters in a foreign country, feeling confident is a necessity; not only in your solicitor but also that you will be able to fully understand what is happening during the proceedings.

Originally from Sutton Coldfield in the UK, Danielle Shrimpton, combines the knowledge learnt through her degree in law from Warwick University with the experience she has from gaining a license to practice law in Portugal through the Chamber of Solicitors in Lisbon.

Danielle has also held the post of Pro Consul at the British Consulate in the Algarve for over five years.

It is because of her unique qualifications that Danielle is able to offer legal services and advice in both English and Portuguese while being able to explain legal matters to clients drawing from references of both systems.

Efficient and professional, Danielle ensures that she responds to all enquiries as quickly as possible and clients are never left wondering what is happing with their case as Danielle prides herself on keeping the client informed at all times.

“I try to explain exactly what is going on and why there can be long periods where nothing seems to be happing as we wait for the Câmara or another body,” she said.

Danielle Shrimpton offers specialist advice on many legal matters including conveyance, wills, probate, and villa licensing.

For more information about the services offered by Danielle, please contact her on: 282 080 008 / 918 787 729 or email on: [email protected]. Alternatively, call into her office in Lagos at Largo Salazar Moscoso, Lote 4, Loja B.