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Cleaner floors with Bemlimpo

BEMLIMPO PROVIDES a specialised cleaning and treatment service for all types of flooring. The company was started 12 years ago by Ruud Kip, who has since built up a varied and high quality client list, from hotels to private villas in the Algarve, as well as in other locations including Porto and Madeira.

Ruud’s highly professional workforce prides itself on being able to resolve any floor cleaning problem using 90 per cent biological products, closely following rigorous EEC standards. Numerous other specialised jobs are also undertaken by the firm, including kitchen and bathroom walls and floors, stairs and tabletops.

Bemlimpo also deals with more complicated and specialised situations such as cleaning after a fire or anti-grease cleaning of industrial kitchens. All floors are treated with the best quality products, allowing tiles to breathe and maintain their condition. For example, the Santa Catarina tile is one of the most popular in the Algarve. It is a beautiful rustic tile, but is porous, therefore absorbing dust and dirt easily. This requires a special sealant to fill the pores and a finish with a shine or matt wax with UV protection.

Marble floors, however, require a wet look, achieved with a process called cristalisation. This involves removing the scratched top layer of stone with a special product, using a high speed machine. After a second high speed clean, the marble looks like new. The finish can be half shine or complete wet look. There is no mess and the rest of the house stays clean.

Last year, Ruud introduced high pressure steam cleaning for terraces, providing a fast and efficient service, leaving no marks or stains. It is particularly effective after a long winter or if there is extensive algae, for example.

Ruud can provide help and advice on any type of floor cleaning and maintenance and would be delighted to give a free quotation.

Please contact 919 856 079, telephone/fax on 282 798 074 or e-mail [email protected]