‘Clean up after your dog’ campaign hits streets of Portimão

Portimão municipal company EMARP has launched a community awareness campaign to encourage pet owners to clean up after their dogs.

But the campaign has a second goal: to find loving homes for the dogs under the care of animal association ADAP (Associação de Defesa dos Animais de Portimão).

Thus, amusing pictures of the ADAP dogs, taken by local photographer Carlos Filipe, are now displayed in advertising boards throughout the town with messages such as ‘A sério? Vais deixar o meu cocó no chão?’ (Seriously, are you going to leave my poop on the floor?).

“Not picking up after your dog puts public health and hygiene at risk,” says EMARP, the municipal water and waste management company.

As it points out, coming into contact with dog faeces “can lead to serious illnesses” both for people and other animals.

“Children are particularly vulnerable to diseases that are transmittable by our four-legged friends,” EMARP adds.

To make cleaning up after dogs easier, EMARP has made available around 300 poop bag dispensers throughout the borough.

“The simple act of cleaning up after your dog with the help of a bag, which should be firmly tied and duly disposed of, makes all the difference,” EMARP adds.

But the campaign was also an opportunity to showcase dogs that are looking for “responsible families” that can provide them with loving forever homes.

ADAP is a local animal association created in 2008 that relies solely on donations from its members and sales at fairs. It does not have kennel facilities as members provide foster homes.

You can follow ADAP at https://www.facebook.com/AdaPortimao.

Carlos Filipe is a photographer who has become well-known for his work with the ‘(Im)perfect Friends’ series (click here) on YouTube that tell the story of disabled animals in the Algarve. He also uses his photography skills to take pictures of abandoned animals in order to help them find homes. www.cfilipe.pt

Castro Marim campaign
Meanwhile, a similar campaign has been launched in Castro Marim.
Also aimed at raising awareness about the importance of cleaning up after your dog, the initiative has seen the local council place several biodegradable poop bag dispensers around town.