Photo of the new cubic cassette awning available at Toldolanda Lda. closed

Clean edges and cubic shapes are making a splash at Toldolanda Lda

There’s a new cubic cassette awning taking the Algarve by storm and it is available at Toldolanda Lda.

The manufacturer Weinor has launched a new generation of awnings on the market with Kubata. Its characteristic feature is the cubic shape of its cassette, thus appealing to customers who are looking for something to perfectly complement their modern house architecture.

Cubic shapes are a popular style element for contemporary facades. The new Kubata cassette awning integrates seamlessly into these, and it’s easy and fast to install thanks to its reliable support pipe technology. But that’s not all! When opened, its fabric impresses due to its high-quality, textile character, and when closed, its cassette creates clear lines on the building with its almost square shape. Kubata’s uniform shape is not without reason – it stems from an overall aesthetic concept dominated by smooth, screwless surfaces.

Tried and tested technology
Kubata is based on the I/K 2000 awning models from Weinor, which have stood the test of time over many years. It has a support bar with a more flexible mounting of brackets, allowing for fast and secure installation. The Weinor LongLife arm, which the new cassette awning features, has also been working reliably for years – it has an impressively long service life and runs quietly and smoothly. The wind lock safety device also protects against wind gusts from below, and a new support profile for the Kubata’s Opti-Flow-System has a roller tube with floating bearing that ensures the fabric is perfectly positioned.

Reliable drainage and removable cover plates
Besides the usual quality of the existing product characteristics, Kubata also boasts new details. For example, the drop profile is now equipped with a drainage system that reliably protects the fabric from getting wet when the cassette is closed. Two gutters collect the rainwater and channel it off sideways. The cover plates on both sides of the cassette can also be really easily removed using the clip technology. As a result, there is easier access to the control’s cable connection and it is easier to carry out maintenance work.

Integrated LED lighting
Kubata is supplied with a motor drive as standard, and can be ordered with LED spotlights that are integrated into the cassette as an option. The high-quality LED spotlights produce atmospheric lighting on the patio and have an operating life of up to 30,000 hours of lighting with very low energy consumption. The LEDs are very conveniently infinitely dimmable using the Weinor BiConnect control.

With over 40 years of experience, 30 of which in the Algarve, Toldolanda Lda is the place to go when you want to extend your outdoor living space and find all the sun, wind and rain solutions for your home. And if you are looking for an awning to integrate its modern façade perfectly, then you definitely need to check out this new best-seller.

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Photo of the facade of a villa with the new cubic cassette awning available at Toldolanda Lda

Photo of the new cubic cassette awning available at Toldolanda Lda. opened

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