Classified Advertising – Our objective

Classified advertising is an extremely important and popular part of any newspaper and is vital to the community the newspaper is servicing.

The publishers of  Algarve Resident take this advertising very seriously.

Whether it is a personal advert to sell your car, your house, household items, to publicise a service or to announce an event, or it is a trade advertisement to publicise services or products you can be sure that the Algarve Resident will handle your advert with care attention and professionalism.

According to our classified advertisers, no other publication gives better response than the Algarve Resident, hence the amount of advertisements that are placed on a weekly basis.

Colour was introduced to the classified section in November 2007, and following a general survey to classified advertisers, it was concluded that colour made a difference to how they viewed their advertisements and also how they viewed other advertisements.

It was therefore decided that classified advertising would be offered in colour for no extra charge.

From time to time, special offers are made for advertising in the classified section. To keep up to date, visit this website regularly.

If you are a registered user of this website, you will (unless you have opted out) receive our e-newsletter eBulletin which will inform you of all special offers as and when they are released.

In 2008, we launched a new section in the classifieds – the Under 20’s. This section is reserved for personal advertising for items that are for sale with a value of 20 Euros or less.


To learn more about the ‘Under 20‘ section, click here