Classical music concert with Duo Edan

Classical music concert with Duo Edan

Here in the Algarve, it is not often that we have the chance to hear a performance of Hungarian music played by artists of international fame. But there is now an opportunity, as Duo Edan is performing at Quintinha da Música, Covas da Prata, Tavira, on Sunday, February 8 at 5pm.

The soloists for this concert are Édua Zadóry (violin), who was born and grew up in Hungary, and Anastasiia Dombrovska (piano), whose Polish-Ukrainian family lived in Kiev. They both studied at the University of Music in Vienna.
This Hungarian programme features music by Franz Liszt, Bela Bartók, Jenö Hubay, Johannes Brahms and Zoltán Kodály.

Édua and Anastasiia each had more than 10 years of international experience before they combined in 2009 to form Duo Edan.

Édua had experience as a soloist and chamber musician, and Anastasiia has been a soloist with the most important orchestras on the Eastern European music circuit.

In their first year as a duo they were selected by the Concorso Internazionale di Musica da Camera Gaetano Zinetti (Sanguinetto, Verona) as first prize winner for their excellent performance and exemplary interpretation.

Soon afterwards they toured in Austria (Vienna), Italy (Verona, Rome, Mantua), Egypt (Cairo), Iran (Teheran), Portugal (at the Ourique Music Festival), Hungary (Budapest and Szeged), Germany (Bremen) and Turkey (Ankara). Since September 2012, Édua has held the status of Guest Professor at the All-Quds University College of Music in Jerusalem.

Reviews of their performances praise their musical interpretation, technical supremacy, perfect harmony and passion. The boisterous and confident Zadory is in perfect harmony with the fiery and impetuous Dombrovska.
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Photo: Édua Zadóry and Anastasiia Dombrovska