Class reorganisation ends hunger strike

Authorisation to reorganise school classes that mixed primary schoolchildren from different grades was granted to the board of a public school in Loulé and, as a result, the hunger strike commenced by a concerned parent as a protest was called off.

The Directorate-General of School Establishments’ decision was announced by the principal of the school group, Agrupamento de Escolas Padre Cabanita, during a meeting with the parents association last Friday.

Since the beginning of the school year, parents of children attending school ‘nº4’ in Loulé had been starting a number of initiatives targeting the authorities in order to see their children placed in classes of their own grade.

“We do not accept third grade students being placed in fourth grade classes when there are third grade classes with only 12 students,” said João Martins, the man who declared a hunger strike.

He acknowledged, however, that the reorganisation process may take its time and hopes “common-sense” will prevail. Parents of students at other schools of the same group in Loulé have decided to launch a petition to contest these “mixed” classes. They demand for their children to be treated as “human beings” and not as numbers.