Clan Ronaldo pay €60,000 for giant CR7 statue unveiled in Madeira

It was a proud moment for the world’s pin-up football star – but it is getting its fair share of cracks in the media.
As sports journalist Doug Sebour wrote in his online slot yesterday: “At least we know what part of Cristiano Ronaldo his hometown of Madeira, Portugal cares about” referring to “the distractingly large situation in the middle of the sculpture”.
Did Ronaldo notice, queried Sebour?
“Did he just nod his head in agreement as if to say “yeah, it’s that big”. Or maybe Ronaldo is legally blind?”
Time Magazine was more subtle, saying that: “the statue’s overside fold on his shorts, combined with the lighting, created a suggestive illusion”.
Whatever people think, the 800-kilo bronze that stands 3.4 metres high has been turning heads since its famous namesake unveiled it on Sunday.
According to news reports, the idea for the sculpture came from the Regional Government of Madeira which then found itself unable to foot the full bill.
A plea for backing to the Pestana hotel group also appears to have floundered, which is when Clan Ronaldo saved the day with an offer of €60,000.
But CR7’s brother Hugo told reporters that “at no moment” had his talented brother actually asked for a monument – particularly one which would generate so much controversy.
It was not just the “distractingly large situation in the middle of the sculpture” that raised eyebrows, but the lack of similarity elsewhere, particularly the face.
As Correio da Manhã pointed out this morning, only the habitual legs-apart stand that CR7 makes before attempting a free-kick was instantly reminiscent of the real-life persona.
Nonetheless the impressive monument erected in Funchal port encapsulates the will of the Madeiran people, the island’s flamboyant president Alberto João Jardim explained at the unveiling.
Island sculptor Ricardo Veloz was on hand, and agreed that the face had been his toughest challenge.
Fresh from Club World Cup success in Morocco on Saturday, 29-year-old Ronaldo glossed over the issue, simply saying the statue was “prettier” than he is, and “very well made”.