Clampdown on tourism businesses

Throughout the months of June and July, Portugal’s economy and food safety standards authority ASAE conducted 809 inspections to tourism-related establishments, leading to 243 people fined, two arrested and some businesses being shut down.

According to information released by the entity, ASAE also suspended 18 traders, recorded six criminal offences and apprehended €36,000 worth of goods as a result of their inspections to holiday accommodation, restaurant and leisure establishments. The authority stated that holiday camps, marinas and recreational ports, campsites, spas, beachside businesses and summer festivals were among those investigated.

Ten offences were registered in the 76 holiday camps that were inspected, two of which were closed down by ASAE.

Marinas and recreational ports saw 118 inspections during the two months resulting in 50 fines, four suspended businesses and apprehended merchandise to the value of €15,296.

A total of 106 campsites were also subject to ASAE’s search for infringements, registering 66 offences as well as three suspended businesses and €1,288 worth of equipment seized.

Sixty-four spas were inspected and saw one person being detained, 22 fined and merchandise amounting to €150 confiscated.

The relentless searches also reached the beaches where ASAE arrested one person at a beach support facility out of the 189 inspected. The entity also took note of 59 infringements and confiscated €2,774 worth of merchandise.

Sixty-five sellers at retail establishments bordering the seaside were also inspected. Fines were imposed on 21 of these and merchandise worth €1,652 apprehended.

Finally, summer festivals also were subject to inspection. Out of the 191 traders inspected, 15 were fined and two were suspended.