Floods in Coimbra

Civil protection issues new alerts; rivers up north burst banks in some areas

Localised flooding in Coimbra; risks still in Porto and Gaia

Another day of rain has pushed river levels up north to the point that various areas around Coimbra have seen new incidences of flooding.

Reports suggest in some cases “houses are at risk”.

The level of the Douro river, running through Porto, rose alarmingly in the early hours of this morning, and was then said to have ‘stabilised’.

Risks then started being sounded further south, in Coimbra, as the levels of the Ceira and Mondego rivers went the same way, bursting their banks in “some places”, requiring the evacuation of various properties, the homes of senior citizens.

Advice for the time being to populations is “adopt preventive measures to avoid or reduce personal and material damages provoked by flooding”.

Civil Protection meantime has said the situation should become calmer over the next few hours, with less rain likely to come over the coming days.

This will bring little cheer to the shopkeepers and residents of Porto who suffered in Saturday’s horrendous scenes, but it does at least suggest no new extreme events are expected in the near future.