Civil Governor steps into hotel dispute

Civil Governor Isilda Gomes met with representatives of FDO Construções on August 11 after the company blocked the entrance to the Hotel Crowne Plaza in Vilamoura on August 10.

According to Portuguese news agency Lusa, Isilda Gomes said that she had met with two representatives of the building company to “take note of the dispute between the two private companies” and stated that

she was worried that the situation could damage the “economic and touristic image of the Algarve as a whole”.

FDO Construções were responsible for placing trucks and building blocks at the entrance of the newly opened hotel in Vilamoura and company director for FDO Construções, António Veloso, told Portuguese television channel TVI: “The safety conditions of the hotel are still not assured, with remodelling works still ongoing on three floors of the hotel.”

He added: “The hotel should not have guests and we are here to warn people of the danger and that we cannot be to blame if there are any problems.”

A spokesman for the Hotel Crowne Plaza in Vilamoura told the Algarve Resident: “The situation between the Hotel Crowne Plaza and FDO Construções is still being resolved. However, the administration of the hotel would prefer not to comment on this any further.”

Daisy Sampson