City’s population to triple

ACCORDING TO Loulé Câmara’s President, the population of Quarteira could soon triple because of a new development that is planned for the north and north eastern part of the town.

Seruca Emídio, Loulé Câmara President said: “The population predicted for the new area is 8,573 inhabitants, whereas the actual city now has 5,000 permanent inhabitants.”

The Câmara President also said that the urbanisation project for the area, which will soon be available for public discussion, should be ready and approved within the first six months of 2008.

An area of 76 hectares has been marked out for the development whose main architect Cesário Moreira hopes will attract middle class inhabitants and become a viable and dynamic city with new amenities and businesses.

Amenities projected for the new development include a large games pitch, a running track, three small games pitches and a multipurpose pavilion for sporting and cultural events.

Other services are also planned for the development including a primary school, a secondary school with a sixth form and kindergartens as well as a GNR station, an after school activities centre, a crèche, a day care and social centre for the elderly.

A new road is also planned to link the new urban area to the existing Avenida de Ceuta and Avenida de Sá Carneiro roads.

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