City revamp is on the cards

A plan for the redevelopment of the coastal area of Quarteira has been approved by Loulé Câmara and will see the 17.7 hectares of land being developed into a “dynamic public space”.

Guidelines set out by the Câmara will see a finalised plan for the works including the creation of a promenade between Largo das Cortes Reais and Vilamoura and the resolution of problems associated with the Vala Real stream, partially covering it.

PROAP, a landscape architecture and planning partnership that was founded in Lisbon in 1989 to plan, evaluate and control urban landscaping projects, has been awarded the contract to design programme.

A spokesman from PROAP said: “The creation of a municipal market as the anchor of the area is essential to creating dynamism in the rehabilitation of a public space and the draft ideas for the area follow the lines of a contemporary market similar to those found in Barcelona.”

The company will also be focusing on consolidating the two differing areas of the very urban Quarteira and the natural beachfront that joins it to Vilamoura with ideas including the creation of a nautical club and increased access points to the beach with opportunities for cafes and bars.

The process to redevelop the seafront in Quarteira has already been a long one with the competition to design the works being launched by Loulé Câmara in September 2007 and five companies entering ideas.

After a consultation process between representatives of the Câmara, the CCDR, the Order of Architects and the Association of Landscape Architects, PROAP was chosen as the company to design the project which led to possible ideas being presented to the public during August 2008.

PROAP will now work within a set of criteria outlined by the Câmara to finalise a plan of the redevelopment in the area with the preliminary study costing €181,500.

A final date for the completion of the plan is yet to be confirmed.

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