Cinemas losing significant revenue, reveals survey

Movie theatres throughout Portugal have experienced a loss of 1.2 million spectators this year, resulting in a €4.6 million loss in box office revenue.

Shown in a recent survey carried out by the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Media (ICA) on the number of viewers received by Portuguese cinemas, the first half of 2012 recorded 6,134,099 spectators in theatres, 17.4% less than the same period of 2011.

Ticket sale revenues have also seen a sharp fall of €4.6 million, or 12.5% less than last year.

The only month so far this year that has not registered a fall of cinemagoers was April, which received 1,321,738 visitors, culminating in a €7.3 million profit.

Reeling in the most spectators this year was the comedy American Pie: The Reunion, with a total of 331,571 people visiting cinemas to see the film.

Cinema distributors Zon Lusomundo have registered with the most ranked commercial debuts this year, generating a revenue of €17.2 million, yet still representing a decrease of 8.9% when compared to 2011.

Of the total distribution throughout Portugal, ZON Lusomundo exceeds more than 50% of the gross revenue from ticket sales.