Lying and Stealing

Cinema: Lying and Stealing

Director: Matt Aselton; Starring: Theo James, Emily Ratajkowski, Fred Melamed; Genre: Crime, Drama; Age: 16+; Time: 100 minutes

Ivan is an art thief. He inherited his father’s life of crime, but unlike most thieves, Ivan loves the art as much as the art of the steal.

More than that, he longs to break free from the criminal world. Ivan’s problem is that he’s in so deep he may never get out of the devil’s bargain he made with a vain and sadistic crime boss.

That is until he meets Elyse, an actress and a con-woman with her own chaotic past she wants to escape from.

Together, they team up to pull off the ultimate con/heist which won’t make them rich, but will hopefully set them free.