Cidadela fortress has new owner

CIDADELA fortress, for centuries a military stronghold on the seaward entrance to Cascais harbour, finally has a new keeper and protector. Dr Francisco Ramalho, Director General of Buildings and Heritage for the Ministry of Finance, signed over the fortress to Dr. António d’Orey Capucho (pictured third from left), Cascais Câmara President, in a ceremony held in the Noble Hall of the Municipality. The Resident spoke to Dr. António Capucho who commented that the Câmara can now go forward with another project for the good of the citizens of Cascais. “In February, we will put out the tenders for the transformation of the fortress and, before the end of 2005, we will start work on the project. The Cidadela fortress will, upon completion, give Cascais a centre for arts, an archaeological museum, a historical hotel, a restaurant and an esplanade. Bob Hughes