Christmas weekend sees 786 accidents, 2 deaths, 243 injuries

Log taken from midnight on Thursday to midnight on Christmas Day

With this year’s ‘safe Christmas’ road campaign already off to a negative start, provisional data for the festive long-weekend have come in from the GNR – the main police force in non-urban areas.

This recorded 786 accidents, which caused two deaths and 243 injuries – 23 of them  serious.

The first fatality was a woman who was run over on Sunday in the town of Turquel, Alcobaça municipality; the second, a man involved in a car crash on Christmas day in Louredo, Vieira do Minho.

Between 00.00 hours last Friday and 00.00 hours today, GNR agents ‘checked’ 30,583 drivers, of which 303 were found to be driving with excess alcohol in their systems. Of these, 159 were arrested for driving with alcohol levels considered criminal (over 1.2g/ l).

A further 65 people were detained for driving without a legal licence.

During the same period, 5,268 traffic offences were detected, of which 2,038 were for speeding, 171 for lack of or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child seats, 119 for improper use of mobile phones while driving, 452 for lack of a valid MOT and 146 for lack of compulsory civil liability insurance.

In the note issued today, the GNR recalls that this road safety campaign continues until January 2 – and its agents will “continue to give priority to checks on driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances, speeding, improper use of mobile phones, correct use of seat belts and child seats, lack of compulsory periodic inspection (MOT) and compulsory civil liability insurance and incorrect execution of overtaking manoeuvres, changing direction and giving way”.

The GNR’s Christmas and New Year operation began on December 15.

Source: Lusa