Christmas lighting Portimão

Christmas lighting restrictions in Faro and Portimão

Lights will be turned on for shorter periods, and Portimão invests in low-consumption LED technology.

The energy crisis is leading municipalities across the country to plan to have Christmas lighting turned on for shorter periods than in previous years. Many are also resorting to the use of low-consumption technologies.

In Faro, Christmas lighting will be on for a significantly shorter period than in the past years, starting at dusk and being turned off at midnight, while in 2021, it was on daily from 17:00 to 02:00.

This year, the municipality of Portimão will also reduce the Christmas lighting period by ten days compared to previous years – turning on its lights between December 6 and January 6 – and down by two hours a day.

Like several other municipalities across the country, Portimão City Council will also use low-consumption LED technology.