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Christmas crazy

AN ELECTRICIAN from the UK has had to cut down on his daily Christmas celebrations because of the credit crunch.

Andy Parks, 44, also known as Mr Christmas, has celebrated it everyday since July 1994, when he realised that hanging up winter decorations made him feel happy.

Andy estimates that he has eaten more than 117,000 Brussels sprouts, 94,000 mince pies and opened more than 200,000 Christmas crackers.

“I’ve been through 37 electric ovens and worn out 23 video recorders by watching the Queen’s speech every day,” he said.

Now the financial crisis has put a dampener on Andy’s daily celebrations.

“The credit crunch is getting to me big time and I may even have to cut out the champagne and start singing for my Christmas dinner,” he said.

“The lunch with all the trimmings and alcohol is costing in excess of £150 a week (around 177 euros), but I’m fighting hard not to let the financial crisis ruin the celebrations.”

Instead of a 6.3kg (14lb) turkey, it’s now four kilogramme (9lb); and two trees has been restricted to just the one.