Christmas comes early to cancer association

news: Christmas comes early to cancer association

THE ALGARVE Cancer Association (Associação Oncológica do Algarve) received two early Christmas presents recently. At the Old Time Music Hall’s gala night, Clive Dunn announced that the mobile mammography unit had been ordered and its delivery is expected in early February next year.

Clive, who has taken part in all four Mamamaratonas, said that Silves was getting very dizzy with all these people running around it and that he was proud to have been asked to make the announcement. Dr. Santos Pereira, president of the Algarve Cancer Association, is planning to start the screening programme for women in the ‘risk group’ in the spring.

Dra. Maria Joaquina Matos, vice-president of Lagos Câmara, presented Dr. Santos Pereira, whom she described as a “five-star citizen of the Algarve”, with a cheque for 15,161.90 euros. Both Dra. Joaquina and Dr. Santos Pereira thanked the cast and production team for their hard work in staging the third Old Time Music Hall and raising such a large amount of money for the projects of the AOA.