Christmas appeal for Lagos home for the disabled

A Christmas appeal has been launched by Algarve residents Jennifer Herrtage and Stephanie Gray to give a Christmas present to each of the disabled residents of Casa de Santo Amaro in Lagos.

Many of these people have no family to brighten the festive season for them, but for the last two years, with the help of the community, they have managed to give each of them a gift at Christmas. “Their gratitude and pleasure is very moving to see,” said Jennifer.

The Christmas presents will be distributed at the Casa’s Christmas party, which takes place before Christmas Day.

“The staff have told us that gifts of toiletries and scents are always very welcome. After their living costs have been paid, they have very little left for the extras most of us take for granted. The supermarkets are bringing out boxed sets of toiletries for men and for women. If these could be wrapped and labelled ‘man’ or ‘woman’, we would be most grateful. We need around 50 gifts in total, slightly more men than women this year.”

Thanks to kind donations, the fire-damaged activity centre at Casa de Santo Amaro (click here) is being restored with the help of the staff, and painted by a professional painter from Salema, free of charge. The contents are being replaced by donations, and the continuing donations of towels and bedlinen all are gratefully accepted.

The Card Shop in Lagos is a drop off point, but if necessary Jennifer and Stephanie will collect (282 695 875).