Christmas and New Year “without trains”

For anyone who missed the national train strike last Thursday, there will be new disruption for Christmas and New Year.

But this time, it’s just ‘long haul’ trains – very possibly the ones most people will be wanting to use.

A timetable published today of the 23 ‘cancelled services’ puts the kibosh on three Christmas Eve ‘Alfa Pendular’ services in and out of Lisbon, six ‘intercity’ connections and three international journeys (Lisbon-Madrid, Madrid-Lisbon and Irun-Lisbon).

Christmas Day is perhaps the least of passengers’ concerns, but New Year’s Day will also be affected by the strike that cancels five Alfa Pendular routes, including Porto-Faro-Porto, and six intercity services.

Media reports say (helpfully) that “the alternatives (for would be travellers) are bus transport or air”.