Choosing your walking route across the Algarve

IT WAS brought to The Resident’s attention that confusion still exists about the two different Algarve walking routes, the Via Algarviana and the Algarve Way, with many people thinking they are the same route.

The Resident article, Boost for Algarve route, published in the December 12 edition prompted David Littlewood from the Algarve Wednesday Walkers to contact us with a clarification.

Originally, a walking route across the Algarve was developed by the Algarve Wednesday Walkers in conjunction with conservation group Almargem. However, work on the project was halted in 2001 due to a lack of funds.

Since then, the two groups have decided to pioneer their own separate routes which are now both complete and ready for walkers to use in the region. The Almargem route, Via Algarviana, has been deemed the official Algarve long distance path while the Algarve Wednesday Walkers have provided an alternative known as the Algarve Way.

The Via Algarviana is marked with the red and white of official long distance paths and follows specific tourist attractions in the region, and the Algarve Way is indicated by painted white cistus flowers.

Although both routes do coincide at various points, they also diverge greatly taking in different scenic paths of the Algarve.

For further information about the Algarve Way please visit or call 289 489 295. If you would like to walk the Via Algarviana, for further information please visit (both websites are available in English).